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Over the years, we instituted notification lists for people who would like to order one of our scopes when they are available. Only those on the list will have an opportunity to order one. Unfortunately, the lists are quite long and most lists go back several years. Please understand that it is more important to us that we produce a few excellent instruments than a lot of mediocre ones. If you require a telescope in the near future, you may wish to check the listings for a previously owned Astro-Physics telescope on Astromart or consider another model.

Periodically, we plan our telescope production schedule for the following months. During the planning process, we decide how many of each instrument we will produce. After our telescope production schedules have been determined (and probably after production has already started), we will contact people on our notification lists, as well as our dealers. Since these lists are quite long and greatly exceed the number of scopes that we are likely to produce, we typically follow this procedure. Check the Notification Update periodically for information regarding production runs that we may have opened.


Check the status of the mount that you wish to order on website. If the mount is not available to order right away, you may sign up on the notification list so that we can contact you when it is available to order. Mount production runs open up at various times during the year. In an effort to project realistic estimated delivery dates, we typically wait until production is well underway before accepting orders.


Most of our accessories are in stock for immediate shipment. Please refer product detail for the item that you wish to order for the current status. Occasionally, accessories may be included on the notification list. This is especially true of a highly anticipated new product.

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